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|   $78 nett

|   $25 nett

|   $38 nett

|   $288 nett

|   $168 nett

|   $148 nett

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MOH APPROVED Next Day Results

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COVID-19 Swab Test



$78 nett

If you do your swab before 5pm, you will get your results by 3pm the next day.


If you do your swab between 5pm to 8pm (i.e. last appointment 7:40pm), you will get your results by 5pm the next day*  

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Antigen Rapid Test

$28 nett


For Pre-event Testing for Events.

For Travel, do note that there will be an additional $10 processing fee for a Notarised ART Travel Memo.

Results in 15min.
Travel Memo will be sent to your e-mail by 6pm on the same day

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Virtually Supervised
Antigen Rapid Test
(via Zoom)

$25 nett


Pre-Event / Travelers:

Do a Tele-ART (supervised self-swab) from the comforts of your own home.

(Note: Price is inclusive of both the ART Result 

AND Notarised Travel Memo with QR Code (For Travelers))

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Covid-19 Swab & Total (IgM+IgG) Antibody N-Protein Test

核酸检测 + 血清 Total (IgM+IgG) Antibody N-Protein 抗体检测


$148 nett


If you do your swab and serology test before 1.30pm, you will receive your results by 3pm the next day.

若您的检测在下午 1:30PM 以前完成,您将在隔天下午 2PM 之前获取检测结果报告。


Covid-19 Swab

$288 nett


For Urgent Swabs

If your Express Covid-19 PCR Swab Test is done before 3pm, you will get your results & travel memo on the same day before12 midnight.

Estimated ~8 hours from time lab recieves the sample.

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$168 nett

*price per person/location

Get your Pre-Departure PCR test done in the comfort of your home. Results notarised for you.


You will receive your travel memo / results next day by 5pm.

Contact Us


WhatsApp (preferred): +65 8803 3070

Important: For urgent matters related to your travel memo, drop us WhatsApp urgently before 7:30pm daily

Frequently Asked Questions



Can I do a COVID-19 Swab test even if I am not travelling ? 

Yes you may choose to do an voluntary COVID-19 PCR Swab Test. COVID-19 PCR Swab Test can be conducted for individuals on anyone, as well as for travellers. 

No prior approval required. 


What if the COVID-19 PCR Swab test results fail to be ready on time? 

Kingsway Medical Clinic works with multiple authorized Laboratories appointed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for our COVID-19 PCR Swab and Serology Test. 

In the event that results are not furnished within 3 hours of your flight departure due to exingencies of service on the part of our clinic of laboratory partners, we will provide a full refund of the cost of test. 


What if the Pre-departure COVID-19 PCR Swab test is positive / inconclusive? 

Positive Results - You may consult our doctors if you feel unwell. If you are well, do isolate yourself for 72 hours according to prevailing guidelines.

Inconclusive Results - a repeat test is required, please note that this will be chargeable. 


Can I do a COVID-19 PCR Swab Test without an appointment?

Our recommendation is for you to make a appointment with us so that you may get your test done and receive your results in a timely manner. Making an appointment helps to avoid prolonged waiting time. Nevertheless our clinic is OPEN DAILY and we can perform the COVID-19 PCR swab test any time. Please note that on Sundays we only take appointments. 

Please remember to bring along your IC and Passport. 


What if I require additional memo / health certificate for travel (Apart from standard memo for test results) ?

The COVID-19 test results will be prepared in line with guidance from the Ministry of Health. 

Should you require any further assistance in obtaining a specific memo for travel, please inform us prior. 


Is there a cut-off time for flights?

Do note we follow a strict cut-off timing for flights & we reserve the right to decline services for flights before 5:30pm the next dayTime is required for check-in and we may not be able to reliably deliver your results in a timely manner. 


Do consider other service providers or an Express Swab in this case.